Sursum Corda and DC Govt

There is an article in the Post I just couldn’t resist commenting on, Sursum Corda. It’s not in the TC (Truxton Circle) but just across the street and close enough.
As I read it the city has an interest in the outcome of the Sursum Corda deals. And I’m also reading into it that the city wants, the mayor wants, there to be some affordable housing to remain.
Another thing I’m picking up in reading these stories about Sursum Corda is a slight irritation with people patronizing (second definition, to talk down to) residents considering both deals. “We can make our own deal,” Rooker said. “We can care for ourselves.” Okay, whatever they chose it is all on them. If it turns out to be a bad deal, it’s all on them. They are grown folks, but as they are poor, there is the assumption that they are ignorant and can’t do for themselves. Well……that’s another can of worms I’ll just set aside.
But there are some things, minor details I wonder about. Regardless of what deal residents choose, and if they decide to put the money towards a unit in the new development, how will they be able to remain? As I understand it, and please correct me if I’m wrong, both deals give residents the option to move back, either buying a unit or getting a unit as part of the deal. Well after the checks and titles have been exchanged, who’s gonna pay the condo fee? The taxes? Insurance? Those things can add up to well over $500-$1000 a month. Other residents mentioned in an another article worry about those other bills, like utilities, that would be a problem. Maybe that will be remedied by the HUD Homeownership vouchers. Some may take the money and run to cheaper homes in PG, some may stick it out in DC. Whatever they do, let it be an informed decision.
On a completely selfish note, may the decision help make the neighborhood and surrounding areas like the TC a less crime/drug ridden, better serviced, “nicer” place for all.

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  1. As a resident across the street from Sursum, I have been following this closely. I tend to agree with the sentiment that BOTH deals will eventually lead to residents being displaced. The DC gov’t stopped having an interest in this community 20 years ago and what would make anyone think a private for-profit company will do any better. Shell out some cash, give em an apartment building and surround it with 4 acres of mixed income housing (read “luxury lofts”). The taxes alone will surely kill them.

    I think the majority will take the money and run, which is probably the purpose behind this whole deal.

    On the selfish front, this deal may help deter drug-related crime in my neighborhood or Truxton Circle, but as soon as those luxury lofts go up, get ready for revenge shootings, car jackings and rampant mugging (ala columbia heights, u street, logan).

  2. I used to live on 1st st NW just up from NY ave and just below O st. It was an interesting experience and I actually regret selling the house in 2003 just a year after I bought it in 2002. I see the house is worth much more now and will be increasing in value given the developments I am reading about now. Circumstance related to family caused me to move back home, but I can’t say I miss it. The quality of life was terrible. Some people were nice, but others weren’t. I now live in beautiful Montreal now doing graduate work which leads me to another point…
    Drugs here are as much as a problem as they are in DC- you go to a club- people doing coke, selling ecstasy in the open. People smoke marijuana when you walk down the street as it is practically legal here. Yet Montreal is the safest city in North America. I can walk from one side to another and feel good about it. There are many poor immigrant neighborhoods here too- South American, Black, Greek, whatever- drugs are here too- yet they don’t have a deteriorating quality of life- there aren’t many shootings at all- I think 19 homicides so far this year for 1.7 million people- mostly organized crime hits- buildings are well kept, people treat you with respect, even street dealers. I kept hearing in these community meetings how drugs were the problem and prostitutes (which believe me Montreal is loaded with all kinds) yet to me, after I moved here, I realized that it is not the drugs or the prostitutes that are the problem, but the way people act and behave. My question to you is why do the way people act here in Montreal differ so much as in DC given all the other factors that are the same??????

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