Cleaner metro

Still in the packaging are two Blastguard somethings sitting on the platform of the Shaw/Howard station. I’m going to guess those somethings are trashcans. I’m looking forward to trash cans on the platforms because when they took away the garbage cans the metro just got dirtier. I used to pick up trash and toss it in the can when that trash was either on the train or on the platform. I know WMATA would have liked it if I’d dump the trash in the cans outside the fare gates, but I’m not taking someone else’s garbage up the stairs or escalator.
I’m looking forward to a cleaner metro.

2 thoughts on “Cleaner metro”

  1. I switched trains at L’Enfant Plaza a couple of weeks ago and was quite disturbed by the amount of garbage lying everywhere on the blue-orange line. I hope they place cans throughout the system.

  2. According to news reports, the cans will be placed at all Metro station platforms. They’ve apparently started with the Red Line and will move out from there.


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