Call me cynical

I used to have a quote from former Mayor 4 Life Barry stuck on a post it of his response to questions posed on the Kojo N. show on WAMU. Can’t find it but I’ll do my best from memory…”Why do you all have to be so cynical?”
That came to mind when reading an announcement from the Truxton Circle Dispatch of our Ward Councilman Orange visiting the Windows Cafe in ANC 5C03. My cynical self 1st thought, if he weren’t running for mayor would we ever see him over on this side of North Cap? Second, can Windows fit all those people? Windows is tiny.
When I first came to the Truxton part of Shaw 4 years ago, Orange didn’t really seem acknowledge that this was in his Ward. I felt we were the red-headed stepchildren of Ward 5. In the past 2 years, he has made his presence better known in Truxton and possibly NW Eckington (I don’t know ya’ll in Bloomingdale tell me). However, I see it less as a public servant embracing an accidentally forgotten Truxton and more of a politician getting his mayoral run in order. I really wish he wasn’t running for mayor so I could better know where his motivations were coming from.

8 thoughts on “Call me cynical”

  1. A politican who shows up just at election time? I’ve never heard of something like that happening before. 😉

  2. Lilly Tomlin said, “No matter how cynical I get, it’s impossible to keep up.”

  3. I live in Ward 2, but received Orange’s campaign propaganda in the mail six weeks ago. I read it, and then realized I don’t like Orange even more, now that he’s running for mayor. He wants that job so bad, he can taste it. And, he’s willing to kiss any a$$ he can find, if is connected to someone that can get him elected Mayor.

    He’s bad news. Don’t be fooled by his “pre-election” visits. Consider yourself warned.

  4. So sorry Mari! The above post that was anonymous from Ward 2 should have had the ID of DAK02.

    Promise to ensure that gets posted in the future…

  5. Okey dokey. All I need are intials. Signing up with Blogger is okay, but just IDing posts any which way makes me happy.

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