Last night we had a blackout. It was dark and hot. Oh so hot. Problem was I keep the house at about 80 degrees. I’m fine with 80. Not so fine with anything above 85. So I was rescued by Nathan and BL from my getting ever warmer heat trap of a home.
When the power went out I was in the kitchen and reached for the spot where my flashlight was supposed to be. Not there. I did have citronella candles still in the kitchen and lit those (matches seem not to move), just to get enough light to find the other flashlights stored in the house.
This morning the power was back on. According to one of my neighbors it came back sometime after midnight. According to the ice cream in the fridge, no serious damage had occurred.
It’s going to be hot again today. I’m going to see if I can get the house down to 78 degrees.

One thought on “Blackout”

  1. Glad you were rescued from the heat. From today’s Post: About 500 District customers lost power because of a small substation
    fire at 10th and L streets, NW.

    Actually, it was nice making dinner by candlelight and enjoying the quiet. It’s amazing how much you can cook without even opening the fridge. Had the blackout lasted much longer and had the house heated up, I’m sure I would be singing a different tune.

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