Someone out there

Someone out there wants a house. They want a historic but very modern 3-4 bedroom house, inside the Beltway, very close to cool restaurants, with parking, in a safe neighborhood, with good schools, and maybe a big yard. AND they want it for less than $300K.
Yeah, I laugh too.
Well I try not to laugh directly in their faces.
Here’s another one. Young man with seed money from his parents wants to buy a fixer upper in the ‘up and coming’ neighborhoods of Pentworth or Columbia Heights or Shaw, anywhere in NW. And he has something in the $200K range.
Young man is one of my co-worker’s kid. My co-worker, Big Boss Man (for those of you who read the boring personal blog), is shocked, SHOCKED! I Say. About the prices for shells (what few are left) in neighborhoods where we still have crackhos and bums.
As people told me when I first moved in here, you should have bought 5 years ago. Yeah, not the most helpful advice. But basically, that moment when you could buy an el cheapo house and fix it up in Shaw for less than $200K. Gone. No more. Come back later when the economy has tanked and we’ve elected someone like a crack smoker for mayor.