Flower Power 2005 tickets

I got 20 tickets and I want to sell them to you.
5 dollahs.
We’ve got a date (August 13th), time (3-5pm) and I know I nominated my yard and B & IT’s backyard so we’ve got gardens for the garden tour.
This will be the 2nd Flower Power I have known. This year it will be a garden tour where you can see what we’ve done to some of the ghetto looking yards we got and turned them into pleasant backyard retreats or frontyard beauties. Also as many of us are doomed with tiny yards or almost no yard, and so we’ve been forced to be creative. Come, see us be creative! Face it you’re dying to see my container garden where I used old DC recycle bins as pots. Short of peeking over my fence the only way random strangers will see my garden is to get on the Flower Power tour.
At $5 you gotta admit it is cheaper than other neighborhood garden tours. Smaller gardens, smaller price. As it will be a walking tour, you’d also get a tour of the neighborhood, great for those of you who are curious about buying in the area.
Scott and Matt over at TruxtonCircle.Org are selling tickets as well. But I’ll take PayPal you can e-mail me at inshaw at att dot net and I can take your payment. If you live within the borders of the 1200 to 1700 blocks of New Jersey, Florida til it hits R Street, the 1600-1400 blocks of 3rd Street, everthing in between and the 400-700 blocks of S and R Sts, I can hand deliver your tickets.

Paypal Button for Flower Power Tix

Okay if you email me at inshaw at att net I can get you tickets for $5 and walk them over to you after work if you live in or very close to the northwestern part of Truxton Circle or on the 400-700 blocks of R or S streets. Otherwise you can use the button below and pay $.37 more to counter the charges Paypal put on. I think you can use a credit card using this option. Click and find out.