Possible condos to go @ FL & NoCap

Over on the Eckington listserv some notes/minutes from the ANC meeting were posted. According to the notes the owner of the vacant lot at Florida Ave and North Capitol NW would like to build a 80-90 unit condo on that space. The proposed building would be about 90 feet high, with parking underground and 8 floors above ground. There would be retail space, but not enough for a supermarket. Someone representing Soul Day Spa was requesting a covenant for 6-12 parking spots from the owner of the lot as well as a request not to bring in competition. As far as I could tell, no support was given or denied (Jim Berry exercising caution)regarding the zoning changes needed for such a project.
Well if things go the way the owner would like, the areas of Bloomingdale (Eckington) and Truxton (SoFL) will get the density needed to bring in some of the businesses desired by residents. Oh and traffic, density will bring traffic.

On the metro

You know the person in the next seat is an alcoholic when they are clearly mixing their Gin & Juice on the Metro. Okay not G&J but something else. This guy on the Green Line heading to Branch Ave had his little brown bag and his cup and saw him pour a little vodka from his Absolut bottle into his cup. Maybe Metro should look into a bar car, get so extra revenue by mixing drinks for people.
Speaking of revenues, I hope Metro is getting a ton of money from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine who have the “Got Lactose Intolerance? Take Legal Action” ads all over. First, I noticed them on the bus (in PG County) to work. Then I started seeing the ads on other buses that go through Shaw. And in the Shaw metro station on the R St. side there is a big ad. Any moment I expect a metro bus or train to be wrapped in one of those ads.
Part of me really doubts anyone, besides the lawyers, will get any real money from a lawsuit with the milk industry. From looking at the site listed on the ads it seems the sponsoring organization just wants to promote a vegan diet. Fine, but the whole lawsuit thing bothers me.
Yeah. I’m black. I have a small lactose intolerance. And I drink milk. Why? Because nothing is better than a cold glass of 1% to go with your slice of dense chocolate mouse cake. Okay, not nothing. A good rich Shiraz or Merlot, but you can’t drive after several glasses of those.