Not our crack ho

Running off to work I think I ran into the crack ho Toby mentioned. Nope she’s not from our block. She passed by the house of our resident crack head without missing a step, so she’s not one of ours. Maybe she lives a little south of here.
Okay, I’m guessing she’s a crack ho. Skinny as all out. Little bitty shirt, tiny little jean skirt, and messed up chemically fried hair. At 6:30AM in the morning, and there isn’t a dog attached to you, I might guess crack ho.

And before anyone corrects me, it is “ho” not “whore” they are too cheap to be worth the extra letters and if you want to use the term “sex worker,” screw you.

4 thoughts on “Not our crack ho”

  1. LOL…sounds like her. I was telling our story to Karl, & they call her “crackwhore annie”. The clothes sound exactly like what she was “wearing”, and she’s super skinny. Karl says he’s seen her lead johns into the alley to the right of the new cleaners, as well as the alley network behind our place/Richardson.

    I’m hoping my soon-to-be-installed 500 watt halogen motion sensing light will rain on her parade.

  2. Did her butt stick out at a 90-degree angle from her spine? I’ve always noticed that the hardcore crackhos walk like I do after I throw my back out. Perhaps crack affects the lower spine vertebrae?

  3. No I really didn’t notice her butt as we were walking towards each other. All I noticed was she was skinny and looked horrid.

  4. In her alley position, her butt was sticking out, but then…


    I think crack makes you skinny, & cold. Crackheads always have knit hats, scarves, jackets, etc., even with weather like the last week.

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