Heightened Security my butt

Grass growing was the most exciting thing at the PG Plaza metro station.
I did see two verrrry relaxed police officers at Columbia Heights as I headed out of the station. They were chatting it up as one leaned against the newspaper recycle bin. When I came back from the store they were no where in sight.
At Shaw I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Okay a bunch of people trying to figure out the farecard machines was a tiny bit out of the ordinary, but not really. No metro police. No DC police. And the metro troll was safe in the booth. Nope nothing out of the ordinary.
Yet the local TV stations show a different picture. Cops with semi-automatic looking weapons! Metro employees passing out helpful information! German shepherds sniffing! Now I’m gonna have to do some damage control with the folks back in Florida, who are ignoring the coming hurricane. ‘Cause really, if I didn’t listen to the radio or watch the news, I wouldn’t have known different judging from my trip.
Yet I’m not belittling what happened this morning in London. I lived in London for one summer. When I can, I visit the city often. I still have a savings account there. Londoners, I will have you know are a tough bunch. Their elders survived the Blitz and the post war rationing. I know there is one chain smoking Pakistani Londoner who can kick all the terrorists’ butts and not mess up her hair. They are amazing from the East End to Earl’s Court. I’m brought to near tears thinking about the folks I’ve met in London. Types who would meet the end of the world with a cuppa or a pint and muddle on regardless.