4th Street Cleaners

A little off the main drag of Florida, on 4th it sits. It isn’t open yet, but when it does lets hope that they post hours and are decently priced. What I am hoping for is that they are not like the Majestic Cleaners in the 400 block of R that closed some time ago. That cleaner did not post hours, was not open when I was coming home from work, and really did not look like it dealt with retail customers. The hours thing is important because one neighbor sent his clothes there really needed them back for a function but couldn’t pick them up because the shop was closed as he was under the impression that the store had normal dry cleaner hours and would be open on weekends.

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  1. Has anyone tried Yolanda’s cleaners on 1st and Rhode Island? I’ve heard bad things in the past (damaged goods, rude service) but that might have been one unhappy customer.

    – JM

  2. I’ve been using Yolanda’s for a few months now. It’s cheap and not that bad. I wouldn’t call the service rude, but it’s definately slow and ambivalent.

    They have posted hours, but they close at 6:00pm (or something ridiculously early for a dry cleaners).

    Hoping this new place on 4th will be a better alternative.

  3. Yolanda’s hours are terrible. We have to wait until Saturday to drop off and pick up.

    Also, they just raised their prices. They had been cheaper than the new spot by the Giant, but really aren’t any more.

    I’m thinking about trying the $2.95/item place on 14th. Anyone know about that?

  4. I’ve used Yolonda’s once, but for the price I didn’t care for it. So I use the cleaners at 14th & Q, before that Zip Cleaners in College Park or the other $1.75 cleaners at Van Ness. My clothes aren’t that expensive so when cleaning is about 1/4 of the price of purchase I don’t bother.

  5. Dry cleaning. It is a huge issues for me. I have been to some really crappy ones..however not Yolanda’s. I live around Meridien Park. Any advice on any places.

  6. O anonymous person (who didn’t leave initals) have you tried posting to your neighborhood listserv? I’m totally unfamiliar with that area up there so I couldn’t direct you to any cleaners.

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