Calgon take me away

I hate my tub. There is a tub in a 5 star London hotel I want to marry and live the rest of my wrinkly skinned life in. I miss that tub. My tub, is too short even for a 5 foot 4 inch me to have a decent bath in and is generally pointless in it’s existence. So the opportunity to have an indulgent evening involving lots of water is denied to me.
So I’m looking at the two spas around Truxton Circle. First is Soul Day Spa in Bloomingdale, facing Truxton on the other side of Florida. The second is Exclusives in Shaw over on Rhode Island Ave. Problem is I’ve never done a day spa. I rarely paint my nails, waxing seems like a form of torture not approved by the Geneva code, and I grudgingly go to my hairdresser to get my hair done. But I’m dying for a professional massage and some needless pampering.
BL has been to Soul Day Spa and gave it positive reviews. I could have sworn I saw Exclusives on one of those grab people and give them a makeover shows. But Exclusives has a coupon and I’m naturally cheap.
It seems strange, there are a lot of things we don’t have on this end of Shaw, but we can go to a spa.

4 thoughts on “Calgon take me away”

  1. I’m almost positive there’s some kind of “first time visitor” deal at Soul Day – you could always call them and ask though. (I bet if you tell them you’re trying to decide between them & Exclusives they’ll dig up a coupon for you.)

    In any case, the renovation inside is very nice (I covet their beautiful wood floors) and they do the best pedicure I’ve ever had. Come for the lotion, the callus elimination and the pretty polish, but STAY for the herbal tea, the comfy vibrating chair, and the foot rub. Ahh, the foot rub…

    😉 BL

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