Don’t call me

I’m on the Do Not Call registry for a reason. I don’t like to be bothered. I have gained the skill of getting off the phone with fire/police/vet “charities” quickly. I’m still working on annoying calls from my mortgage company trying to sell me a 2nd mortgage. So I don’t care to come home to find a message on my phone from Mr. Bobby Green from the Capitol Area Minority Contractors Assoc reading from a statement about the stadium.
A- I don’t even like baseball so I’m not too keen on paying for a new stadium for a team that just might up and leave before it’s all paid for
B- I already got the mailing you all sent, no I really don’t need a follow up call. If I didn’t really feel for you with the colorful mailer, the call ain’t gonna make me care more.
C- Don’t mention Vincent Orange. ‘Cause now I’m thinking he put you up to it to get his name out.

Well at least he didn’t call during dinner time.

7 thoughts on “Don’t call me”

  1. ” I’ve only found one workable strategy for getting rid of all the calls; I don’t answer the phone.”

    Either that, or get a cell, which telemarketers are forbidden from calling.

  2. Regardless…this is one of those “gray area” calls. If Mr. Green was calling to promote Councilman Orange or the fight they are having over the baseball stadium…these phone calls are exempt from the DNC listings. When the National DNC law was passed religious orgs and political were granted exceptions…only reason why I know this is I do ALOT of phone banking and these are the two ways around the call lists.

    It sucks I know…

  3. Telemarking calls to cell phone may be forbidden, but they still happen. My wife gets at least one phone call a day on her cell, and she has done everything she can to try to stop them: asked to be removed from the list, tried talking to a manager (surprisingly they’re never there), called her cell phone provider (who basically said they won’t do a damn thing), etc.

    My best advice, tell them you’re interested, but you need to do something really quickly and ask if they’ll hold. Then just leave the phone on the table. A lovely waste of their time and money.

  4. We got this same call last night and my husband had a conversation with the guy about union work in DC. His tactic is to waste their time… but it doesn’t work because we get plenty of calls. I can track most of it to a URL he registered as a potential business website, but out of our home. Holy Moly, that brought in the calls to sell us stuff as a small business. We’ll never get peace now.

  5. If you get a called on your cell, state your driving. They will end the call, since they don’t want to be liable.

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