Where there is a will there is a way

I’ve noticed the bright colored pots over on the tiny park on Florida and North Capitol NW and it has helped a bit. I also noticed the pointy additions to the metal work around the trees to keep people from sitting on them. However, I noticed the hanger outs have figured a way around the points. Plastic soda crates. Problem is it requires some balance. I noticed one fellow with equilibrium issues fall down. His buddies just leaned him against the tree box. Of course some just get a few milk crates and make a chair of those.

9 thoughts on “Where there is a will there is a way”

  1. We pent last week cleaning out and planting in the boxes in or street. However, they don’t have any metal surrounds. Does the city provide thos on request? I imagine they would cost me 200 bucks each at least. People tend to trample the flowers without them. ANy ideas?

  2. yep, those little metal pointy things make our bus stop even more ghetto.

    now theres nowhere to sit.

    im betting the brilliant person that thought to put those in doesnt take the bus.

  3. There is a concrete bench, but the majority of men sitting out there are not waiting for a bus and thus never move. Sometimes I notice a free soda crate perched on the tree box, so you can try sitting on that, get a refreshment in a crumpled paper bag (no one needs to know that it’s a Coke), and you’ll fit right in.

    Greeper– is it your first year with a tree box? Kids and such tend to attack tree boxes that have been negelected in years past for the 1st year. Afterwards, they don’t bother them. That is unless they are in an area of play. It helps to get the plants above sidewalk level. I and several neighbors have gone the thick wood route, rail road ties are best. And no the city does not help out, you are on your own. I guess my ghetto looking box cost me about $20 in wood $2 in bolts and $20 in dirt. No matter what they say, dirt is not cheap.

  4. You can ask your ANC member about the tree boxes, I know L Thorpe has placed about 10 boxes this year around Shaw.

  5. Yes there are a lot of treeboxes with Thorpe’s name on them, but it galls me that he uses city tax dollars to plaster his name on them. It’s normally easy to get money from ANC’s for neighborhood beautification project like treeboxes, but in ANC2, Thorpe has denied requests from community organizations in favor of his own self-advertising.

  6. And I don’t know the location of all the tree boxes, but I’d say every single one I know is located in front of a house who is owned by an African American. Not that I think they shouldn’t, but we all live here and it should reflect.

  7. CC, thin ice my friend. But it is somewhat understandable as Mr. Thorpe has a past of playing favorites and I guess it is no secret that the old timer homeowners like Thorpe. But I don’t believe it is true that every iron treebox with LT’s name on it is in front of an AfrAm house, I’m thinking along 8th and Q Streets there are many of his treeboxes and the streets are quite diverse.

  8. I know it’s thin ice, but I know LT’s past. (He called me a cracker). I’ll have to check 8th and Q, I don’t like people playing favorites, we vote 2, pay taxes, and call Shaw home.

  9. I also don’t like Thorp, but you need to challenge him in the next election if you think all the tree boxes are in front of only AA homes. Where is Randy?

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