For sale and for free

Okay I’m going to use this space for my own personal gain. 1st. I have a mountain bike to sell, it is a red Trek, about 17 inches, very little rust and has a rack on the back. $50. Also red, but a giveaway, is a rain barrel to be hooked up to one’s gutter system. The barrel is too high for my current gutter system. Last but not least my old 20 gallon garbage can I used for compost is available to any who will take it. A co-worker gave me his old commercially made compost bin so now I’m composting in that and it has been a thrill. Well, as thrilling as composting can get.
So if you want to buy my bike or take my compost bin or rain barrel off my hands e-mail me at inshaw at att period net.

2 thoughts on “For sale and for free”

  1. Sadness alert: we discovered a grey Siamese-looking cat with dark grey tail and ear-tips lying dead in a tree box on 4th St. by R. It’s wearing a bright green collar, and looks to have been well-loved by someone. In the interest of safety, we called animal control to come pick it up, but I thought I’d say something just in case any Faithful Readers know who the poor baby belonged to.

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