Another one bites the dust

Yesterday morning there were a row of townhouses on the 400 block of Rhode Island by the Lowest Price Gas Station. Yesterday afternoon, gone. Now just a pile of rubble and construction equipment to make way for ‘The Danielle’. I’m quite sure The Danielle and the Urban Land Company’s Monique (wait, what is this girlie name crap?) on the same square will go well together.

5 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust”

  1. More development, yay! THe empty lot at 1st and N just got fenced in with a permit that said “two 2-floor condos.” I’m calling it the LaToya.

  2. Danielle 20 units around 500G
    Monique 10 units around 500G
    =15 million in real estate on one block. I hope this jump starts some commercial development.

  3. That’s a lotta money, but it is just one block. It will be interesting to see how those two and any possible outcome of other residental development projects on FL (near the Post Office) all add up to make an attractive hood.

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