Posting late in the day ’cause I’m sick.

Well I’m getting the summer veggies now. Yes, I could cook up the squash flowers but right now just now in the mood to cook. Anything.

3 thoughts on “Gadzukes!”

  1. I’m Jealous! Were those grown in a pot? I’ll have to try that next year. Where did you get your large pots? I’m having a hard time finding large rectangular pots. I am unused to pot gardening.

    But, I’ve been surprised at how fast seeds planted late will grow. It only takes ’em like 3 days in July, as opposed to 2 weeks in the chilly soils of April. It really does help to be patient.

  2. Well the pots are on loan from B & IT. They are really good pots with a water reserve at the bottom. I have 3 squash plants in one (2 decent and one pitiful squash). Also squash leaves are big and showy.

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