On the corner of 4th and Q

Everyso often someone mentions it and seems slightly worried about what it is.
The 7th Day Adventist church that had been operating on the corner of 4th and Q for years is expanding. They tore down two units of their 4 unit structure to make way for one part of their church. Sadly, it is eating a parcel of land they were using for parking, so there will be more pressure Saturday mornings, their Sabbath, for parking.
Currently, they have the foundation and skeleton parts up and are putting in the interior systems and putting some hard rock/concrete stuff on the exterior. It’s the yellow thing on the corner. Once that part is done, they will move their operations from the 2 crappy units they are in now and go to the new structure and tear down the crappy units and build something there.
The 7th Day Adv. do some missionary work with the homeless and I gather may continue with the new structure. On Sundays they have a breakfast where patrons have to listen to the Gospel. The people they serve do not hang out near the church, they go in and much later go out and keep going, no hanging about. If they were to expand their services to the poor I believe it would me more of the same, maybe with more of a desire to transform the lives of the people they serve and not just feed them and let them wallow in whatever has led them to the life they lead. Not like some other charities and missions I’ve heard of and noticed…..

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  1. It’ll be better than looking at an empty lot or some of the other eyesores for churches we have. Not being a strong religious person, but wanting to contribute to the community. What would anyone recommend as a good place to donate some community service hours 2?

  2. Actually, Shaw Eco Village just moved over to North Capitol. Their 7th Street building is being taken over by another new community non-profit (I forget what it is now). So there are now a couple of options.

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