Why you should put your whole address on trash can

I highly suspect the crackheads did it.
Anyway, for about a week a foreign blue recycle bin has been sitting on our block near the house of the crackhead, or the cheese woman, as B. has called her. Anyway I noticed the address on the bin and this Sunday wandered over to the Eckington… Yes, Eckington, crackheads done stole a recycle bin from Eckington and rolled it over to Truxton. Anyway, I wander over to Eckington and leave a note for the owners of the bin to come over to my block and pick it up. Well, after church the blue bin was gone. Today I need to find out who you report wayward grocery carts to at Giant, ’cause the damned crackheads left that on the sidewalk near their house too.

2 thoughts on “Why you should put your whole address on trash can”

  1. Yeah, we just sprayed ours last week sometime. It’s no work of art, but the address is legible and perhaps now it’ll be two fewer trash bins to get lost in the gaggle of bins in the alley.

    Also, have you noticed the new “1-way” graffiti? What’s all that?

  2. Oh I guess Rah-Rah and his merry band of crack dealers. They had spray painted something on that corner about a year or more ago before it got worn away. Sadly, I’ve been told, Rah-Rah has a stay away order from the corner, but I can’t tell which idiot is Rah-Rah to call him in.

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