Wishful thinking or possible future?

My renting friends keep saying the market is going to bust. The housing market, because 5 years ago, they, with their single salaries could have bought in the city. Nothing big mind you, but a small bit of terra firma, or a very small studio condo. But they were too cool or what they could buy was not good enough, so they waited. And now we are here with vacant crack houses starting at 200K. So they (okay mainly just Bigg Al) keeps saying the market is going to bust, it is going to bust like the tech stocks. I say deflate. Also even if my house reverts back to the price I bought it at, I still got a house. Roof over my head. Bed to sleep in. Basement that floods. Mine, all mine. Unlike tech stocks I’m not left with just worthless numbers on a screen.
Keep saying the sky is falling, as long as terrorists don’t strike and the roof stays up, I’m good.

Sala Thai

Back when Sala Thai opened I asked them if they delivered to my house, thinking I was well in their 2 mile delivery zone. Well no. So I come home today and in the mail is a menu for Sala Thai. “Bastards,” I think to myself. They taunt me with their menu when I can’t order delivery from them. Phooey, I spit on them. So I call them up, to demand why they tease me with descriptions of cilantro and lemon grass. Well, apparently, now they deliver to this neck of the hood. Go figure. So I order and in 45 minutes I’m eating Panang Gai on the floor in front of my TV.
Now I gotta see if Pizza Hut has changed its delivery policy.