Lively Alley

For a moment the alley was as busy as the front of the street. I was out in the backyard puttering over my plants, ’cause I like puttering. Mxn and her gang of family and friends were out moving things into the house, and yelling, ’cause she wouldn’t be herself if she didn’t yell at somebody. After the Mxn gang moved on into the house, a large truck came easing down the alley, and may have hit a fence as our alley is kinda skinny. I watched the truck for a while because in the past trucks would come through and dump things in the alley. Now that there are few backyards left open, that rarely happens now.
The guys in the truck kept peering over the fences and I asked them if they needed any help. Apparently they were looking for a particular house number, and well we no longer have house numbers on the alley side. So they asked people in Mxn’s house, nope. Then they brought out the people in the monstrosity of a house, they had just moved in and were not really sure what their house number was.
I lost interest in the search for the right house number when IT appeared. He popped out around about the same time as the neighbors on his other side came out. He greeted his neighbors, then me and we got to talking. So for about 5 minutes there was all this chatter over the fences, the truckers, the new people, the neighbors and of course, Mxn yelling.
Can’t get this in the ‘burbs.