My compost…

My compost brings
all the worms to
the yard
And they’re like,
better than yours.
Dang right better
than yours

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a good time gettin’ dirty. Mixing potting soil, peat moss, sand and compost, good times. Most of the compost was pretty much composted, with a few things that will take a forever and a half to decay, like avacado skins and mango pits, still entact. And the worms! My, they have been busy. So many worms. I’m gonna have to expand. I’m going to have to eat more veggies, or throw out more. I’ve got several hundered spineless mouths to feed.
Also discovered the importance of turning the compost. The bottom of the trash can/ compost pail wasn’t aerated and when I got to it. OH MY GAWD! Smelled like a hog farm in July. Used it anyway, and after a few days the smell is not as bad.
To deal with the aeration problem, I’m thinking I will move to plastic bins that are shallow enough for my short girlie arms. The problem with the trash can is that it is too deep to get to all of the matter.
Anyway, good compost will hopefully make for a good crop this year.