Bug Flexcar for cars

I emailed the local Flexcar rep about why our cars keep going bye-bye here in eastern Shaw/Truxton/LeDroit this is the response I got:

I’m sorry that we’ve taken all of your cars. We are working now to
get more cars in that area. You can have everyone that wants the cars back
there to keep flooding my e-mail box with requests. I forward all of them
to my General Manager as well as the CEO. If I receive a huge amount of
feedback from that area they are more likely to put one there quicker.
Thank you for your continued patronage and thank you for the feedback. It’s

Heath Dean
Member Care
heath.dean @ flexcar.com
Washington, DC

2 thoughts on “Bug Flexcar for cars”

  1. Hi, My name is Brian Akpa, I am the regional marketing coordinator for Zipcar DC.

    We currently have 2 cars at the corner of 9th and U street, one car at 901 New York Avenue, as well as over 9 cars along the 14th street corridor from P to U street, ranging from Scion xB’s, Volvo S40s, Tacoma Pickups, Honda Elements, and a Mini cooper convertible.

    It’s great for me because I just moved into the neighborhood, and we have so many cars available nearby. And as always, we are adding more.

    If you have any questions, you can reach me at the information below.

    Brian Akpa
    regional marketing coordinater
    202 737 2869

  2. Hi Brian,
    The cars I was moaning about were on the corners of New Jersey and Rhode Island, and M & 7th, serving the far eastern and southern side of Shaw, LeDriot Park, and NW Eckington. Zipcar and Flexcar serve U Street and Logan Circle very well, not so much Mt. Vernon Square, Bloomingdale and Truxton. The Flexcar at the Shaw metro stop is as far as I’m willing to walk to from my house and the one that used to be at RI & NJ was less than 2 blocks from the house. Hopefully, when the area gets more density you or Flexcar will better serve us east of 7th St and west of North Cap.

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