Hearing and seeing

I know it is warm so that is a perfectly good reason to open the windows. One of the neighbors on the other side of the alley has had her windows up for the past few days so when I sit out in the back I can hear them perfectly. All their family business. I don’t want to hear their family business, but it’s like being on the metro where the girl is talking to her friend on the phone real loud about something in the TMI range, you can’t help but to hear. Makes it kind of hard to enjoy the backyard, listening to a woman constantly screaming at her kids and whomever also happens to be in the house. I understand the occasional “pick up your X” or other command screams, but from past history, I know that it can go into a hour long tirade of throat drying yelling about anything under the sun.
Add on that recently they have lost or pulled up the binds so you can see into the house from the alley. So pictures with sound. This is a bit easier to ignore. I can always veer my eyes away but the screaming draws them back to the source.
I guess my biggest problem is with the yelling. The never ending screams.

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  1. Our older neighbor passed away last year, leaving his house mostly vacant. However, his daughter often drops by with new man-friends on occasion to use the house late at night. I guess her home is too crowded for guests. Anyhow, she’s a bit of a screamer herself, albeit only to God and her partner, and in joy, not anger. I quietly close my windows when I hear her car pull into our shared driveway. Should I say something about it to her?

  2. Record the screams add a dance trax, give it to her as a Christmas present.
    Wait is this the same woman who killed your plants with herbicide?

  3. Thanks for the GREAT blog and providing such great info about our wonderful neighborhood. I haven’t posted before, but after losing a bit of sleep thanks to my neighbors this morning, I couldn’t resist.

    So, we were sleeping with the windows open this morning, when the barking started. I think we have new neighbors (on R St. near 5th) and they have a dog, which they’d put in the yard. They let him bark (pretty much constantly) for an hour or so before bringing him inside. Hopefully, the dog will get used to his new surroundings or they’ll not leave him alone in the yard. I’d hate to have to close the windows and use the A/C. I have my fingers crossed that this was an isolated event. Someone honked about 50 times, too, but I hardly noticed after the barking.

    This post isn’t meant to bash dogs – we have one and consider it our responsibility to make sure that he behaves. Btw, what’s up with people avoiding dogs in the neighborhood? Before moving here, people generally smiled at the dog and approached to pet him. We’d have no problems walking him off the leash. In Shaw, we’d never think to let him off the leash. Even with the leash on, people have hollered holy hell at him and crossed the street to avoid walking by him. Granted, he’s not a small dog, but I’ve never before seen such antipathy/fear toward him. I’ve read with interest the previous posts about the pit bull attacks close to my home. Could it be that there are many unfriendly dogs in the neighborhood and that’s the reason people also avoid our dog?

    Just wondering . . .

  4. i have to listen to my neighbor scream bloody murder at her poor son all time. I think the woman is bipolar with serious issues and i feel bad for her son. sometimes it is so awful and heated that I feel like maybe i should call the cops- but i haven’t yet. not really sure how to handle it actually.

    and in response to the above comments regarding ppl in shaw/Truxton C. beign afraid of dogs, YES, many are afraid of dogs… we have a small, old, overwieght dog that is about as harmless as a bunny and sometimes people literally cross the street when they see us coming. It does make me realize that I am pretty safe walking in my neighborhood with him though! 🙂

    But I don’t blame people for being afraid of dogs. If all you have ever been exposed to most of your life are vicious, unsocialized pit bulls (and the like), I would be scared too. In fact, I was never scared of dogs until I moved to this neighborhood and now I steer clear of any unfamilar Pit.


  5. LT,
    Does she scream at a kid named Ricky? Because we might be neighbors.
    I wonder if people with serious pet allergies cross the street when seeing a dog as well. And the neighborhood does have a lot of unsocialized dogs. My old neighbors had a dog, that was very unsocial. Would bark at me everytime I went into my back yard, they tried walking the dog when more dog walking people moved in and that just did not work. Sadly, too there are people who still have dogs for fighting.

  6. Nope- it is not a “Ricky” — so there must be more than one screamer in the neighborhood! 🙂

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