Lock your car and clean it out

A little warning as I saw one of our local crackheads peaking into a car and testing the door this morning as I was running to work. Dude? Have you no shame? I’m right here and looking at you! And I know it wasn’t your car.
If you have crackheads, or crackheads pass through and you own a car, lock it. Don’t assume that no one will try the doors. Also don’t leave anything that will give them hope that there is something they may want in your car. So clean it out, or at least transfer it all to the trunk.

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  1. Removed the double post and as you didn’t inital your post still debating to delete it all together but instead I say, “what are you smoking, there is no kitchen. And it isn’t really that warm out. Supposed to get into the 80s, but it isn’t really nice till it hits the high 80s. I’m from FL, I like heat baby!

  2. I think this is some guy who thought DC was hip & cool, & wanted to live here, but couldn’t afford to live in one of the “known” neighborhoods, so he started looking in other areas, then found out that everything he was looking at is out of his range, so now he hates DC & thinks we all live in a ghetto.

    re: your post, i’ve heard its best to empty your car, but leave the doors UNLOCKED. that way, when they try the doors, the can get in, see there’s nothing there, & move on. keeps your window from being smashed. however, since this would increase the risk of the car being stolen, you would need to get something like “the club”.

    anyone have thoughts on locked vs. unlocked?


  3. If you have a conv, you should leave it unlocked. Cars in Gtown, Dupont also get broken into, so its not just Shaw. Common sense, you live in a city, don’t be the easy victim.

  4. I think leave your car unlocked if you have a soft top convertable. Anything else should be locked (if only to discourage joyriding). But you should be very careful about what is visible in your car. I know someone who spent way too much money (and had to climb in throught the back door all the way back to Maine) having her door locks repaired after some 11 year olds (she saw them doing it as she approached) tried to jimmy the locks to steal the dollar (for tolls) she had rolled up and stuck in the dash board. In high school I once had a half a bottle of mouth wash stolen out of my (unlocked because it was too crappy to steal & the locks tended to jam)car (so just because you think you don’t have anything good in your car, doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with you). Also, lock your house doors even when you are home. I got an email (from a Capitol Hill listserve)about a crackhead wandering into an unlocked home (much to the shock of the home owners). I am also ashamed to tell you how many people I know who have lived in group houses and been burglarized while sleeping after nobody locked the door at night.

  5. Group houses are bad that way. My old boss was telling me how hard it was to get thru the thick skull of of one of her Dupont housemates that he should lock the door. Bad people. Come in. Steal yo stuff. Comprende? Yup, this ain’t Iowa (or where ever you go to sleep with the doors unlocked and all the 1st floor windows up).

  6. yeah, I know the whole “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” thing. People sell used makeup & stuff on ebay, so it doesn’t surprise me that someone stole mouthwash. they probably thought they could catch a buzz on it 😉

    right now, the only things visible in my car are maps stuffed into the side pockets of the doors, & my glasses. I’m thinking they may steal the maps to use as rolling papers, & the glasses to light it up via the sun 🙂

    I think I’m just gonna clean everything out or hide it, & keep it locked. I’m not worried about the house…I’ve got lots of protection there.

  7. Also, beware the left-open second-floor window at night. We thought it was pretty innocuous – who’s going to scale up to the second-floor window?

    Enterprising little thugs, that’s who. Went right up the satellite cables and into the second-floor window just after we’d gone to bed for the night. Left a giant chokecherry footprint on the carpet, and (after boosting things from the house) an empty spot in the carport soon after.

    Lesson learned the hard way, but learned it was.

  8. Our new vinyl windows (sorry Marie 😉 ) have these neat pop-out stops that let you open the window about 4 or 5 inches…enough to leave open w/o someone being able to come in. Alternatively, you can pick a height like that on wood windows, & drill a hole through both panes. Then use a nice big eye-bolt for the pegs.

    Because our back side 2nd floor has a balcony that could be scaled, we’re putting bars on that window & door as well as the first floor.

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