Crime & judgment

Today I decided to fool around with court report to see what crimes are being brought before the DC courts related to Truxton Circle.
1. Antoine “Cheese” Cooper of 431 R Street has been convicted of fatally stabbing a Mr. Jackson around 5th & R Streets on 11/30/2001. He’s up for sentencing February 3, 2005 before Judge Robert Richter.

Guilty Please
Thurmond J. Christian of 1700 blk of 1st Street was arrested not too far from home 1500 blk of North Capitol May 4, 2004 for distributing heroin. Judge Diaz sentenced him to 30 months on 11/2/04.

James Ross of 1100 blk of Sursum Corda Court was arrested around the 100 blk of O St. and found guilty of possession of cocaine on September 11, 2004. 11/3/2004 Judge Fisher sentenced him to 180 days confinement, which was suspended, and 1 year probation.

Marry Nelson of the Unit blk of Bates was arrested around the unit blk of North Cap & FL Ave for distributing heroin May 18, 2004. Judge Diaz on 11/4/2004 sentenced him/her to 18 months confinement, supended, and 2 years probation.

Antonio Newman of 1700 blk of Benning Rd, NE, was arrested around the 300 blk of R St for possession of cocaine May 17, 2004. Judge Ross on 11/22/2004 sentenced him to 120 days confinement.

November 2004 Paper Arrests

1. Martin Tabron was arrested @ 4th and Richardson Place for possession of cocaine 11/8/04.
2. Donna L Hood was arrested for distributing cocaine @ 1st and O St.
3. Michael Bradsher was arrested for distributing cocaine @ the unit block of O St.
4. Scotland Tolbert (is that a real name?) was arrested for possession of heroin @ 100 blk FL Ave.
5. Leroy Wilson was arrested for possession of cocaine @ 2nd and FL Ave.
6. James Burton was arrested for distributing cocaine @ 100 blk FL Ave.
7. James Duckett was arrested for possession of cocaine @ 1st & FL Ave.
7. John T Brown and Jason Cannon were arrested for distributing cocaine @ 16 O St.
8 . Frank Gaston was arrested for possession of drug para(?) on the 100 blk of Bates.
9 . Aaron Wells was arrested for possession of marijuana @ 207 R St, Apt #4

Please note all this information was already available on the web so I’m not publicizing the names of anyone who wasn’t already on the web.