For your Christmas list

Sitting in the car trying to turn on NY Ave from NJ Ave I saw two fellows selling squint is that… yes… that looks like a DVD for National Treasure, which is still in theaters, and I got an idea….. the ghetto gift basket(ggb). The GGB would include 1)bootleg DVD or CD 2)the most popular scent sold by those guys in the Metro with the little bottles (I think they sell “booty call”) 3)a bag of chips sold in bodegas with the picture of the brown woman against the brick wall, I forget what they are called but I see the bags littering the street all the time and 4) a do rag. You can present this in a lovely black plastic bag or a plastic milk crate filled with crumpled pages of the Washington Post, the City Paper, or what ever.

Yes, I vote this as my most offensive post ever.

2 thoughts on “For your Christmas list”

  1. 3) Rap Snacks? Replete with an inspiring comment from your favorite hip-hop artist? You can get them at the likka stow onna corner of 6th & Florida. – xxoo, Jimbo

  2. Thanks Jimbo.
    According to Nora Bombay who recently purchased from the corner of NJ & NY Ave, Alexander and Spongebob Squarepants are going for $10 each. I can’t wait for her to tell what the quality is like. Anyway the copyright angels are crying.

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