Gardening and In Shaw update

Well I wanted to put up a great gardening page for the main In Shaw site but left it on a remote computer, so I won’t have it till tomorrow. The gardening page was for urban gardeners and I found some really cool sites relating to small gardens, container gardens and urban issues. One site in particular I want to share is Path Project’s Urban Homestead Diary. Path Project is run by the Dervaes family who live in Southern California and try to feed a family of five on the food grown on their city plot. The site is a record of their attempt to become self-sufficient in an urban environment.

One thought on “Gardening and In Shaw update”

  1. Depend what do you want to grow, have the temperment to grow and why? There are things I don’t grow because I’m too lazy to deal with the plant’s quirks, or I don’t have the right light, or what have you. Tomatoes, always good. Marigolds are easy. Beans, you can never have enough beans.

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