The mummy visits DC

I’m so excited mummy is going to be visiting me for a few days. She’s never been to my house. The last time she was up in DC I was graduating, pre-house, pre-Shaw. If mummy has ever been in Shaw it was to get dragged to Shiloh Baptist Church on 9th Street. Pre-gentrification 80s if that. Visiting family in DC we rarely encountered the neighborhoods, they were just driven through, not experienced.

I hope to give mummy a different experience, I will not keep her in the house, as many a DC relative has done to me and my cousins. No, provided it is not too cold, we will walk around the hood. If it is too cold then, well something inside, and no not the Smithsonian. I figure we may visit the great Shaw sights of the Ghetto Giant, the Shaw/Howard University metro, and possibly Shiloh Baptist. She probably will have little interest in the art houses and I’m thinking the restaurants over in Logan and U Street may be too far out for her. Mummy is from the land where Red Lobster and Olive Garden are considered nice. We could wander over to the bullet-proof KFC on North Cap for dinner, but let me think of something else.

So, the In Shaw blog will go dark this weekend as I entertain the great and all powerful mummy.

One thought on “The mummy visits DC”

  1. Hi there Shaw-lady. I just discovered your blog the other day and I enjoyed reading about the ‘hood. I’ve got a suggestion for a restaurant destination for Mom — how about the new Ethiopian place on 9th Street Etrete (I may have misspelled that)? My wife and I checked it out a few weeks ago, and were pleasantly surprised. We’re not big Ethiopian food fans, but the food was tasty, and the decor was really quite stylish. And it’s a shorter walk than the restaurants on U or in Logan.

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