When does a neighborhood stop being transitional? When is it done?

This weekend, I was enjoying the city, catching 3 movies ( a record for me, oh and don’t waste money on Shall We Dance?), walking and biking around. And I saw the neighborhood in a slightly different light. Might be the uptick of people jogging in places I didn’t see people jogging before. Then there are all these people with dogs. Parts of Shaw I think are done being transitional. They still have problems, but on the surface, things look fine. But when is a neighborhood done? And what does not transitional look like?

Blogjam @ DC9

Right now I am multitasking so bear with me as I blog, do laundry and cook curry all at the same time. Okay, maybe not as I just spilled curry on open gas flame….

Tonight was Blogjam, a reading by queer bloggers. I attended in support of Jimbo and as you can tell, took pictures. The most famous of the bloggers, as far as I know, was Andrew Sullivan (below). He was not what I expected, I expected DC dweeb. I was also expecting Wonkette, as I remember she was on the line up, but with the theme of gay & male bloggers she really wouldn’t have fit, despite her great fame.

The event went well I think, though I did leave just as the dance music began.

Mr. Sullivan spoke about what he writes about best, politics. His reading of the night was on Bush’s push to add an amendment to the constitution banning same sex marriage and the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism. Dogpoet and Crisafer read off poetry, doing what poetry is supposed to do best, describing greatly, so briefly. Thankfully, Geekslut was not as bad as I thought he’d be, as I could only deal with reading two of his blog entries. Actually I found it refreshing that he was (if I got him right) was anti-crystal meth. ‘Cause really, crystal meth is so wrong, in so many ways.