The Washington Post Explains All

Ah, wisdom from the Post.
The Saturday edition answered the question of who the heck is buying these frickin luxury condos. According to “So Who’s Buying Them” apparently single people with money, empty nesters downsizing, couples with money, people trading up and investors. There is the theory that the investors are driving the prices up. But really can there be that many investors? As I said before, just say no to the real estate crack.
Also today’s Post answered another question….. What are they doing in the parking lot of the 7th and U CVS at midnight. I passed by a few times on the bus from Woodly heading back home after a dance, seeing these huge pictures and bright lights. I first thought, oh someone making a lowbudget film. Second time, wow taking some time to make that movie. Third time, beats me. Because of the Post I now know that the activity near midnight in the parking lot of the CVS is the Picture Man. Aparently, if you want a picture of you with your bling in front of a picture of a snazzy car, sweeping stairs, or expensive booze, go to the CVS. In Shaw has no bling and will have future pictures taken by semi-professional Aunt In PG County in front of auntie’s 2 year old Saturn. Just keeping it real.
Also in the Post, though not a question since I knew about it. Monies for Section 8 is scarce. And the odd thing is I’m looking at the chart and of the surrounding areas and DC has the most folks on housing vouchers, despite the other areas being oh, I don’t know, bigger. The table isn’t on-line (of course I have dial up so I’m not gonna like hunt for it) but in the print version the is a table from the Metroplitan Washington Council of Governments showing who has how many vouchers. DC leads the pack with 8,921 vouchers. Followed by Montgomery county with 5,413; PG with 4,186; and Fairfax with 3,146. The other counties ranged below 2,000 or were Loudon with 770 or Manassas with 197. Remember these may include senior citizens. DC may shift the burden of rising rents to the tenants. This might push some section 8 folks over the edge, maybe some out to other areas, cheaper areas, or worse homelessness. How could this change the face of Shaw? We might lose our economic diversity. I just wanna keep the old folks. Someone’s gotta hang around the neighborhood besides rowdy teens and I pick the retirees. Yea old people! May they survive the section 8 troubles.