The Regal Theater at Gallery Place (fake) Chinatown will open this weekend. It is sorta open now. Currently they are running a $1 special. I don’t remember if it is just for today and yesterday only or what. I went out to dinner with a friend and everything but Harry Potter 3 was sold out. He bailed and for $1 sure I’ll watch Harry Potter, one less Netflix to bother with.

It’s a modern movie theater. Big chairs for the typical fat American lard butt (and I say this with love in my heart), theaters up high, parking down low (3 hours free then $7 an hour), several levels.

The thing that bothered me and my friend was you had to walk through what is essentially an alley to get to the theater. It’s a disneyfied alley, but an alley none the less. So far it is well lit. When you exit it is also well smoked. The alley is where the ciggys hang.

Anyway, the future looks bright for Gallery Place. It has many retail shops and gawdawfully expensive condos in the area. If it weren’t for all of us black people wandering around, I’d say it was turning into Bethesda, Woodmont Ave. I look forward to the opening of Miso Hungry, which sadly makes me think of a bad rap song’s lyrics. And there are other shops that will open in the future turning Gallery Place into a destination.

Foot traffic is so good over there, I was able to hail a cab. So maybe now after dancing I may get off at Gallery Place instead of Dupont to get a cab.