This IS a great neighborhood

Once you get past some of the houses and some of the people with chemical problems, and you stick around a while, you will discover that this is a great neighborhood.
The people. People make a neighborhood all worth while, of course a good coffee shop or other neighborhood hang out helps too.
I’m in this I love my neighborhood mood because something dear has been returned to me, my palm pilot. I lost it on the street, my street, getting out the car. Apparently a fellow named Larry found it. He contacted some of the people in the address book (note: remove some people) and one was a neighbor who picked it up and returned it.
The palm wasn’t the first thing I lost around here. I have lost my wallet a couple of times. Once the wallet was returned to me by a kindly old lady who lived on 5th Street, showing me the importance of having your business cards in your wallet is a good thing.
I need to learn to keep up with my stuff better.

Scenes in Shaw

Scene 1
Driving down New Jersey Ave to attempt to turn on New York I spy three street vendors under the shade of a tree. One is a Salvadorian(?) woman selling flowers. The other is a guy selling bootleg CDs. The other guy, it looks like he’s selling bootlegs too.

Scene 2
There are a gaggle of kids running up and down the stair case of a house. I see the white occupants sitting on the stoop as the neighborhood kids run around. One kid is fooling around with one of the occupant’s hair. It looks liek she’s trying to plait the hair.

Scene 3
Over at the Florida Avenue park I spotted three people walking out of the park. Two of the people are holding up the one in the middle. Apparently middle guy can’t walk. No one seems phased by the scene. Just another day in the park.