Pissed at myself

As some of you may or may not know, I have been doing research on the Truxton Circle part of Shaw looking at the 1880-1930 census. It’s been a hodge podge job, where I do a little here for this census year and then do a little there for another census year.

Well I lost about a couple of days work of the 1880 census. I remember having it. So now I’m pissed at myself.

How I’m culling the census is super labor intensive. As I get annoyed with the long dead residents of Truxton Circle, I am collecting house by house info. I find mutli-generation houses a chore. I find houses with many boarders a pain. People with kids, bah. I like hermits and lonely widows, and old couples who live alone. I also dislike big blocks where the houses are small and plentiful, like all the blocks between Q and N, North Cap and 1st. Now work for at least 1/2 of one of these blocks is gone.

Subject matter wise, I am discovering heavy pockets of Irish & German immigrants and 1st generation Americans. It will be cool when I can plug all this data into a computer and see demographic patterns shifting.

Well I’ll have to do some of the transcribing again, and do a better job of keeping up with my stuff.

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  1. This sounds really cool. When we moved into our row house in Ledroit last year we found a Grammar School diploma from 1914 in the attic. I’ve always wondered if that was the original owner. Maybe he’s still alive and has been looking for it for 90 years!

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