Ward 4 says no more single beer sales

Brass Monkey – that funky Monkey

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That funky Monkey

There is a theme I sense. In the new issue of Budget Living has a recipe for Brass Monkey using that lovely ghetto drink Old English. The next time I actually see the brand in print is today’s Washington Post article on store owners up in arms about the ban on single beer can sales in Ward 4. Somewhere in Ward 4 there is a mom & pop store with a refridgerator filled with Old English “800”, along with Zima and the drink that seems to be popular around Shaw, Steel Reserve 211. With some stores selling 40% to 50% booze, they are up in arms.

I’d like to see how Councilmember Fenty’s experiment works out. Will it cut down on the litter? Will it cut down on the loitering? Well we will find out. If it does work I would love for it to come to Ward 5.