Garden Report

The joys of urban gardening. This summer has been very, very good to me with the rains and the not too hot heat. I’ve had a so-so yield of blueberries, decent output of tomatoes and the herbs I never eat are flourishing.
The problem with urban gardening, well gardening for me, is that I have a typical postage stamp yard. It could be worse, it could be smaller. I could have bought a bigger house, but it didn’t have a yard. Not only is the yard small, it doesn’t get a lot of “full sun”. When I had the DC Agricultural Extention person out, yes, they’ll come out, she wasn’t hopeful about my gardening prospects. So I’ve been picky about what grows in the few areas of the tiny yard that gets the good dirt and the full sun.
When I first started digging for the garden you wouldn’t believe the crap I found in the dirt. Besides the ten zillion bits of broken glass, reminants of an ugly red carpet, I have found money. Not silver dollars, (I wish) but dimes, nickels, good stuff.
After all that work, I wanted the plants to give back. No ornamentals for me. No. I want food producing plants. Also it is a cool thing to be cooking and walk outside and grab one of the ingredients. Neat.

I’m going to take a short break so I’ll have no posts over the weekend.

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  1. I grow a few things in my garden, including a few carrota, parsnips, beans and peas, there are also a couple of berry bushes and a strawberry patch near the garden furniture, every year I get a small crop not too big but enough, the strawberries have lasted for three years now without replacing the plants.

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