Lost Wallet

No fun.
I think I spotted the homeless guy who found it. I’m beating myself up for not asking him if he found it. I don’t care about the money ($30-$50), it’s the cards. I’ve been on the phone cancelling all the cards I could. Tomorrow I have to call for replacements of the healthcare card. Good thing I do keep the cards of other accounts out of my wallet so I’m not totally screwed. There was a $8.00 metro card in there too.
I guess I’ll have to take a day to replace my driver’s license which will be no fun as I still had the old address on 12th St on it. I didn’t own a car and besides the odd Flexcar trips did not drive. But the license is a de facto ID card. I’ll just run around with my expired passport until it is replaced.
I used to have this problem a lot in college, loosing my wallet. But the worse was loss of the driver’s license and my one ATM card. Now DL and 3 credit/check cards, health insurance, business cards, receipts (some needed for refunds), a check I needed to deposit (stop payment fee almost as much as check) in other account. The lesson learned from my college days was not to have anything of major personal value in your wallet. So I don’t have anything with my SS#, or pictures of loved ones, or anything of that nature. Figured it be a good thing for this neighborhood considering some of the crime. But the neighborhood isn’t that bad, just me.

This loss because I was too busy racing to the metro station to go to church. Teaches me to stick with the bus. Please Lord give me peace.