A good use for Drug Dealers

Well the city is going to be a mess downtown with the Ronald comin’ to town. Not just downtown but the neighborhoods ajoining between the Capitol and the National Cathedral will be closed off and made terribly inconvienent to the residents. Which made me think. They wouldn’t dare come through my part of Shaw. One possible route would be from the Capitol up NJ to FL up Connecticut and over to Wisconsin via R or some other street. But really you don’t want great dignitaries to have to go through the hood where there are drug dealers, with guns! So when trying to figure out how to get back to VA, go through the hood, skip the whole hubbabalu downtown and take 395.

Bates St (Eastern Shaw, lower Eckington) Meeting Tonight


I take this opportunity to remind you of tonight’s meeting of the Bates


Civic Association, Inc. Specifically, the meeting will be held at


SInai Baptist Church, 3rd and Q Streets, N.W., between the hours of


p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Art Slater, the new Chairperson-elect of the Fifth

District Police Citizen’s Advisory Council is scheduled to make some

comments about his prelimary plans to move that group on matters of


safety. In addition, Alice Harper, the Community Relations Specialist


the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency who is assiged to


the Fifth Dstrict, plans to make some comments about the history of her

agency’s work with the MPD and the Fifth District community. Inasmuch


the summer is rapidly approaching, Lionel Taylor, Ward Five Coordinator


the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, wants to let you know about


of the activities that are happening in Ward Five for residents of all


And, consistent with our intention to have each of the candidates for


At-Large City Council seat appear before the Association in advance of


November 2004 election, Candidate Kwame Brown has been invited to


this month. (It should be known that Mr. Brown had multiple campaign


on his schedule for the date of our meeting when the invitation was

initially extended to him. So, he was invited with the understanding


we would invite him again next month, if it turns out that delays from


pre-existing commitments, essentially, prevents him from coming to our

meeting this month.)

In addition to the above, we have a Flower Power update and other

announcements of importance. So, we hope to see you tonight!