Logan Circle Guy

Friday after work I met up with John (Logan Circle Guy) who is leaving this lovely area we call home for sunny Houston in a few days. It is really nice to meet up with folk you know from the online world in the real world. Same goes with BL and Nathan over in Eckington.

It was also good to compare notes on tiny little townhome living. His place 12 feet wide, mine 14 feet. Apparently houses like ours were built with very little between each unit making for difficult sleeping when one has party hardy neighbors.

Well with the house sold, job relocated to TX, and movers awaiting to decend on his home to carry off his earthly belongings I wish John the best. Vote wisely, you’re getting a Congress member and a Senator.

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  1. Sorry adbot your message “I assume that it’s a little bit hard on your part when John left. John may be a very good friend of yours. But just be happy for him because he will probably have a replacement as time comes. you know, meeting new neighbor is fun.” was fine but the advert sig was a no-no.

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