Cheap ass people

I was annoyed once, sometime ago, when the former owner of my house, upon seeing my improvements regretted selling the house. Well MoFo you had the house for a good long while and did jack shyte before you decided to sell. Hate to break it to you but all these improvements cost money, money you weren’t willing to shell out ’cause you didn’t live here and it was a Section 8 rental.

There are a few cheap ass landlords on my block. There are the people who own the house across from me where the cabinets fell off the wall because they hired crackheads to do the work. Then there is the issue of DM’s house where I had to deal with the winter of busting pipes ’cause I was downhill from her house, and guess where water flows? I think the pipes busted 3x that Winter. Worst yet is the house owned by a lawyer who would not replace a carpet infested with dust mites. The result was the renter’s kid breaking out and having to go to the hospital often and terrible scarring.

Around the cheap ass landlords’ rentals are homeowners and market renters. People improving the houses, keeping up appearences with the yards, and what not. So once in a while we hear the odd pie in the sky plans of the ghetto landlords upon seeing that their crap property is in the middle of a blockwide boom. I say ‘pie in the sky’ because it is just talk because they are to friggin cheap to do what ever they plan right. They’ll hire crackheads and make it look sad. And for what? They are still addicted to Section 8 money and you know they are not going to shell out money for Section 8 renters. And since market rate renters have choices, those renters would chose to move once the ghetto landlords start being ghetto.