House P-rn

Note: The title was changed as it kept attracting questionable searches. 6/17/08

Not Penthouse but This Old House.
Stuff that excites, titillates, but has no resemblance to your reality. This is house porn or decorator porn. Face it you don’t have the money, time, or skill (in my case a lack of skill and money) to get the same look that you saw on HGTV.

Ah, HGTV. The good reason I don’t have cable. When I am in a hotel or visiting a place with cable I am glued to HGTV. It is the Playboy channel for me. My mother, the worst homemaker in the world (but I love her anyways) did not really understand this whole business of wanting to go through the trouble of painting and pasting and building just to change the “look” of a room.

I have a whole bunch of decorating DIY magazines littering the house, some stuffed under my bed so I can go to sleep with house fantasies in my head. I need to weed my house of these things ’cause the truth with house porn, as with most porn, it ain’t gonna happen. I am not putting on addition anytime soon. The spiral stair idea is not right for my house. Open space, well I’m going to hire people to do that and I’ll need the $$$$$. Kitchen, done, can’t do no more. Bathroom, see open space. Can’t even do some of the garden ideas due to lack of space and sun.

Like most porn, it just leaves you frustrated.

Georgetown DMV rocks

In and out in about an hour. Take the bus as they don’t validate the parking there but the time you save over the main DMV office is amazing. I was told to go there by a few folks from the monthly gawd awfully boring community meeting. Oh and by the way, the Georgetown office is small. Tiny.

Afterwards I pondered serval things: Shopping…. with what money? Going back to work, umm 1-2 hours to get from Georgetown to BFE, MD for 3 hours of work….and that’s before any lunch. Nope. Lunch! Eating is a good idea considering the only thing in yur tummy is a small bowl of branny bran bran. So after lunch it is 12:35 Still work 3 hours ’cause after a certain time there is no one around and there is no point.