Make the world go away

I’m going to take a cue from one of my co-workers and stay home tomorrow. His plan is to vote and curl up with some good science/fantasy fiction. Something taking place in a kindgom far, far away. I plan the same thing, vote, and finish off a fictional parable about economics.
I’ve grown weary of the all election all the the time media so once I’ve done my part I’m shutting down. I plan to disconnect from the Internet, no TV, no radio and put the phones on silent. I’ll read my books, maybe do laundry, maybe take a hot steamy bath (haven’t done that for months) and watch those netflix dvds that have been piling up. I’ll wake up Wednesday when the radio alarm goes off and find out, unless there is something going on in the streets that clues me in.
I chatted with my Aunt and she also plans to stay home and have a quiet night. Her church, Shiloh Baptist, is having some sort of election party, gathering, whatever when the polls at their Hertigage Hall closes. Anyway she expressed concern about how residents would react to an unfavorable or favorable outcome and so she’s staying well away from the city. Even after several decades have passed and Shaw has bounced back from its past, the suburban distrust of the city is still there. Oh well.
I’m hoping for a quiet evening.

Michael A. Brown, G-ddamned A*hole

Guess what I came home to today? I think it was the fifth fuking phone call I got from his piece of shyte campaign. I now hate Michael A. Brown’s guts with a passion. But before I came home I was introduced to a colleague whom, I was told, also lived in the District. The first words out of my mouth was, “Don’t vote for Michael Brown.” He had no idea who Michael Brown was, so if I see this person before Election Day I will give him several reasons of why he should not vote for Micheal A. Brown (the A. stands for Ass).
So far from his campaign it appears the Micheal Ass Brown is pro-litter, anti-neighborhood, and anti-human. Let’s explore his pro-litter stance. Earlier in his campaign Mr. Brown sought to plaster his pudgy bald head on cars indiscriminately. DC cars, MD cars, VA cars, don’t matter. I’ve also spotted several of these glossy strips of campaign paper in the gutter, a gutter that would then take these slips to the Potomac and so I guess he’s also against the environment as well. Then the litter spread to my yard, and my neighbors’ yards and so forth. So if you’re willing to vote for Rap Snacks, or a used condom wrapper you may be the kind of voter Michael Brown is looking for. Since litter, in addition to crime is a neighborhood issue, Michael A. Brown hurts neighborhoods with litter, and that brings to question, does he help neighborhoods in anyway?
Brown strikes me as a big picture guy so your corner drug problem, the trash in your alley, the trash his campaign helped add to, probably would be too small to concern himself with. I found my last robo-call preposterous. In it Micheal A. Brown plays the friendly character that appeared in the neighborhood. Can anyone tell me what neighborhood functions he’s appeared at? I saw Carol Schwartz and the Cult of Kwame at the BACA meeting. Of course, there is usually someone at BACA willing to tout Kwame. Kwame got people at the grassroots level. So I wonder if Michael A. Brown would even hear you at that level. Has anyone in Ward 4 seen him since he tried running as council man for your ward back in 2006? Did he go back to playing with the big boys on the national level? On his website he claims to be a community activist. Community doesn’t necessarily mean neighborhood, or local level. Bankers are a community, there’s the lobbying community, and so forth.
Anti-human. Okay I have a stronger argument that he’s pro-litter. To say Michael A. Brown hates people is untrue. To say he hates people who have answering machines and don’t want to be called five friggen times, is possibly true. Well it’s true at my house. And he’s pro-robot, hence the robo-calls. He’s denying some actual human the ability o annoy the hell out of me with a live call. Since he likes funding his campaign every few years why couldn’t he have funded a little job training program that has people, not robots? Or was he litter program the jobs producer?
Yes, I know I said I’d post a profanity filled post but I tend not to curse, and it isn’t really my voice. However I welcome your words so I’ll lift the profanity rule for for this post (and this post only) so you can tell how you really feel about Michael Brown.

Michael Brown, I hate you

I’m sure Michael Brown is a nice man who loves puppies, but the 2 robo-calls I received since posting my last post about his campaign littering program, has turned great annoyance to hate. What genius thought that constantly calling people would make people want to vote for your candidate? It serves to get your candidates name out, but why the heck would it make me want to vote for him?
DC is a city of neighborhoods and I don’t know if the man recognizes that, and instead sees it as a national city. It is a capital city, but as far as city government and governance goes it’s that down to the block stuff that makes this city livable. Even the Cult of Kwame [Brown] gets that. I’m not convinced Michael knows that.
The other thing that annoys me about his campaign, besides the litter, is his trying to ride the coattails of Obama. And second, he’s running as an independent. Independent my ass. That last robo-call I got was a very partisan message.
In closing, the only thing I think Michael Brown has proven is that he can raise money, buy a lot of campaign lit, and annoy the crap out of DC citizens. He may know how to run national programs but I don’t know if he knows boo about getting trash cleaned out of an alley or getting DC Employee X to call you back.
Vote for Schwartzman or Mara or write in Carol Schwartz*. But whatever you do don’t, don’t reward this fool with your vote.

PS- if I get one more f’ing robo call, I’m posting a profanity strewn piece written to be high in the Google search results.
*I don’t endorse Kwame ’cause he told Si’s mom to get a HELOC to pay her taxes.

ANC2C02- Don’t vote yourself into an abusive relationship

They basically confirmed something that I always knew to be true, many in this neighborhood fear reprisal from Leroy Thorpe if they ever “supported” his opponent in his re-election bid. Just two years ago I will admit that I was in the same boat but today I am not scared and to tell you the truth if Leroy were stupid enough to do something to me or my family it would say more about the man than anything I have ever written on this website.

Off Seventh
Another commenter on the Off Seventh’s blog already compared it to an abusive relationship. But let me stress that point even more. Voters of 2C02, you are like Tina Turner, just after she’s escaped a long abusive marriage to Ike, redone her image, and Ike comes threatening Tina with violence to force her to come back. ANC2C02, be the strong Tina. Be the Tina that goes forward on to bigger and better things, not the Tina who makes excuses and lives in fear.
Please don’t be in denial about how bad it is and was. Daddy 5-O has a good refresher of why you don’t want to go back. It should also be good reason why the rest of you all in 2C shouldn’t keep the enablers of the abuse (Brooks & Curtis) on either.
Before I finish this I want to thank everyone who voted for Kevin Chapple back in 2006. Especially the voters who were abroad at the time and submitted their absentee ballots, who made their neighborhood a better place to come back home to. By doing so you brought in a man who truly serves the people of 2C. Kevin is a man who shares information with the people, knowing that information is power, and power belongs to the people.

Are you registered?

If you’re going to vote Nov 4th you’re going to need to be registered by Oct 6. Please check the DC Election Board’s online voter registration page or the registration status page.
I wish I could say great things about the status checking but I have been unable to confirm my voting status. The problem is I recently changed my name and there are several confusing ways my name can be entered into the computer. Just to be confusing, my first name is a single letter. I know I can vote, as I did vote in the primaries.

Kevin needs signs

Walking around the hood, I noticed a lot of Leroy Thorpe signs in yards. The puppet master of ANC 2C02 wants his job back. Well if you don’t like being informed about what’s going on, unless you belong to a small clique of loyal followers, go ahead vote him back in.
But you can’t tell me you don’t want current ANC2C02 Kevin Chapple’s seasonal magazine or his informative website with video and updated info of things going on in around central Shaw. These did not exist before Kevin people. What you got before was yelled at or a poorly edited flier that may or may not have found its way to you.
Let’s not go back to the bad old days of Thorpe. Let’s not even stall in the bad present of an unelected Thorpe puppet regime (yeah, lotta drama for such a little slice of DC) with Ms. Brooks, as the puppet ANC 2C chair. By re-electing Kevin Chapple and Alex Padro, and electing Lanza and Sule you get rid of the whole puppet show, or at least move it to a civic group where it can’t do too much harm.
So I’m distressed at the lack of Chapple signage. Guess I’m going to have to write a check to campaign fund. It seems Kevin had a fundraiser earlier this month, but lo, there is a place to where monies may be sent, according to his website:

P.O. Box 26064, Washington, DC 20001. The maximum contribution is $25. Checks should be made out to Kevin Chapple, with “reelection campaign” written in the memo section.

Go Jim Go

Got this from our great leader Jim Berry. Now, let me say I am very supportive Jim. I considered his leadership fair and quiet. Quiet as in he’s the type who doesn’t need to do a lot of grandstanding and yelling and screaming. Also he believes in serving the people. So even though he’s seeking a post in a party I don’t belong to, I believe he, by bringing his skills and his integrity to the post, do one more thing to make the District better.

Dear Friends and Family Members,

I write to inform you of my decision to pursue an At-Large seat on the DC Democratic State Committee (DCDSC) as well as to actively seek your support for my election. As you know, on Tuesday, September 9, 2008, the DC Democratic Party will hold a local primary election for a candidate to serve as an At-Large member on the Council of the District of Columbia. In that race, Council Member At-Large Kwame Brown is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination. In addition, you will have an opportunity to vote for six males who are vying for a seat on the DCDSC to represent Democrats in an At-Large capacity. And, it is to gain one of these six seats on the DC Democratic State Committee that I ask for your vote and, if you are willing, for your help in reaching out to your friends, family members, and neighbors, to do the same.

The District of Columbia State Committee (DCDSC) is the governing body of the DC Democratic Party. As such, the DCDSC develops and implements programs of voter registration and education, charters and works with ward Democratic organizations, and assists in the election of candidates for President and Vice President of the United States as well as candidates for other national and local offices. In this regard, I pledge to do everything within my power to help Senator Barack Obama to become the next President of the United States of America and, perhaps needless to say, I plan to enthusiastically promote his national platform to “Renew America’s Promise” towards the ultimate goal of helping its many elements to become a reality for the citizens of the District of Columbia.
Finally, like the other members of the “Obama for DC” slate, I am personally committed to the goal of forcing the key priorities of the citizens of the District of Columbia, including D.C. voting rights, to the top of the national Democratic policy agenda.

For those who might not be as familiar with my background and the types of involvements that my Democratic Party activism includes as you are, please inform them that I am a native Washingtonian and a member of the Mount Sinai Baptist Church. I am an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Army, a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and a member of Corinthian Lodge No. 18, F. &A.M., PHA. I served my
community as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 18 consecutive years and I was a former convener of the citywide ANC Assembly. I am also proud to report that I was a member of Leadership Washington’s Class of 1995. Currently, I am the president of the Bates Area Civic Association, Inc.; I am a member of the Washington, DC Police Foundation’s executive committee; and I also sit on the executive committee of the Council for Court Excellence. As one of the two incumbent Ward Five Committeemen on the DCDSC, I have served as an active member of the Party Functions and Organization Committee. Most recently, I served as a co-chair of the DCDSC’s 2008 Delegate Selection Committee and as chairperson of the Resolutions Committee for the DCDSC’s 2008 Convention. And, I will be in Denver, Colorado at the DNC 2008 National Convention later this month, providing office support to the DCDSC.

In closing, I pray that you will support me in this ambitious undertaking to gain a citywide seat on the DCDSC. With your active support as well as that of your network of friends and family, I am confident that I can and will prevail in this race. If you would like to discuss my candidacy with me or would like to volunteer to help out with my campaign, please contact me at (202) three-eight-seven-8520 or you may email me at jamojam[at] I thank you in advance for your vote as well as any and all support that you can extend to me on September 9th!




Supporting Jessica Lanza

After some thought I have decided to have InShaw endorse the ANC candidacy of Ms. Jessica Lanza. Though I don’t live in Ward 2, I work in Ward 2, ANC2C03 exactly. Having someone who is both interested in the Penn Quarter/ Gallery Place area as a developing and residential place is a good thing. Downtown is a little different, but the residents of that area and Shaw share some similarities. And due to its proximity to Shaw, the ups and downs of Downtown can impact Shaw and Mount Vernon Sq.
Another reason why I support Ms. Lanza is that the current ANC2C03 leader is lacking and is holding back ANC2C as a whole. A change will hopefully shift things in ANC2C and move away from the unaccountability and ineffectiveness.

Check out Jessica’s website, see her informative blog.

Fun with Eleanor Holmes Norton

This weekend, I and several neighborhood bloggers were invited to talk with Delegate to Congress Eleanor Holmes Norton. From my notes the topics were the $5,000 DC tax credit for home buyers and businesses, development, the gun law, Home Rule, Homeland Security, how she got into her position and Union Station. Possibly before all the questions she did talk about how she wound up getting into it with Stephen Colbert and how Colbert has helped the cause of DC voting rights. (See video of Colbert honoring her for an award)
I asked the question about the tax break because I consider it part of a package that makes buying in DC more attractive than MD or NoVA. Ms. Norton talked about how that lovely tax credit came to be in a GOP dominated Congress and how a tax credit was more appealing than asking for more money. As one who has taken that tax credit, I told her (later, after the Q&A ended) what it meant for me.
Though she cannot vote on the floor, Ms. Norton is in several committees where she can vote. She is the chair for the Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management. Now what does that mean for neighborhoods? Well she did explain it, but I take crappy notes. Somehow it relates to the creation of places like NoMa, and it relates to being able to influence developers who do government and public/private development and encouraging positive development that helps the city grow. Grow and not be a dead urban center surrounded by suburbs where agencies (and there are a lot out there in Langley, Beltsville, Bethesda, etc) flee.
Anyway, it was a good exchange.