Safeway at RI and 4th NE

Really I should stay of this. But the store that was closed for a short period due to a rat infestation. It is a store at the top of the hill and about 1/4 of a mile from the Giant near the Rhode Island metro station. I’ve been in the Giant a few times. I know people hate it. I’ve been okay with it, but haven’t been in enough times to say if it’s any worse than the O Street Giant. I’ve been in that Safeway once and haven’t felt any deep need to return.
So on the listservs there is this clamoring to keep the Safeway from closing. Harry Thomas has gotten involved. There is some sort of petition for a Harris Teeter.
Okay, someone enlighten me. Someone ‘splain to me how the politicos are supposed to convince a private business to land on top the same old unprofitable rat’s nest? As Safeway said they aren’t making enough money in that spot, how is a Teet supposed to make it work?
Anyway good luck with that, but since a Harris Teeter is slated to open near the NY Ave metro, I don’t see one popping up anytime soon 1 mile away.

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  1. I'm sure I'm not surprising anyone, but the O St. Giant is also infested with rats. I have seen rats run across the aisles on mutliple occasions and have bought bread that I didn't notice had been chewed on. With that said, I still shop there all the time; now I just look closely at bread and produce products for teethmarks. If I had to bet I would guess a large majority of grocery stores harbor vermin.

  2. why should safeway renew their lease at that loser location? you have to know it's there to find the joint. safeay sucked when it was at RI and Florida too.

    rr 446

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