No stopping Leroy

Today on ANC 2C02 Kevin Chapple’s blog is a letter announcing that Mr. Leroy Thorpe, who was deposed, dethroned, by Kevin in 2006, is requesting a recount for the 2008 election. I’m not that concerned this year, as the difference is 29 votes, as opposed to 5 votes in 2006.
This is just one thing, but Leroy surprised us back in 2006 with his take over of the ECCA and the invented position of puppet master, I mean Parliamentarian for ANC2C chair Doris Brooks. So any guesses of what else he’ll do besides this? Will he start up a ANC2C centric ‘non-profit’, or his own publication. What will he do next because I don’t think he’ll go quietly.

3 thoughts on “No stopping Leroy”

  1. He’s been involved in Shaw for decades and he’s going to continue to be active. I don’t envision any surprises, but I think we will see a lot more letters, positions, and newsletters coming out from him on ECCA stationary. Community associations can be just as influential as ANCs and, in some circumstances, more so.

  2. 2006: 275 KC to 270 MT <1%
    2008: 519 KC to 490 MT <3%

    Looks like more of the same. Not real change. Given everything KC's done and all the documented outrageousness that MT's done in just two year's (not the least being pissing off the good folks at Africare and changing the meeting venues), some peeps might have put money on a much larger spread.

    CS is sounding like a supporter. Not saying he is. It's jus' that's exactly what supporters say — touting His Royal Irrelevantness' significantnessness.

    — D.Igit.

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