A snowball’s chance in Hell

Okay I’m back from vacation and I gather I and several other bloggers must have gotten email from the campaign of some guy named Richard Urban who is running for the at large seat on the council. Okay he’s a socially conservative white guy running as an independent. In this town. Snowball’s. Chance. In. Hell.

Last thought, never announce you’re going on vacation on blogs or social media sites. That’s almost asking for it. Even though I had an unemployed unpaid intern house sitting while I was gone, I figured it was best not to say anything.

5 thoughts on “A snowball’s chance in Hell”

  1. But, but, over on the bloomingdale neighborhood blog, lots of people think you're a coward if you don't broadcast your name and address. So if your blog suddenly goes dark, anyone with your address could make an educated guess about whether or not you are at home…

    Rethink this whole 'privacy' thing, Mari. The hipsters don't think its cool.

  2. Meh.
    I have a healthy sense of self worth so I don't care.
    I could have blogged while in sunny Florida but $3 for 15 minutes on the hotel computer, heck naw! Also I forgot to have some pre-scheduled posts. Ah, next time.

  3. nack,
    as the guy that started the bloomingdale blog, i don't really care if someone is anon or not.

    and i'd never think that cowardice.
    what scott asked for when he started posting to it was a moniker and what hood you live in, not your name and address.

  4. SA,

    I wasn't referring to the blog itself, I was referring to specific posts on the blog.

    There was a debate on that blog over the practice of reserving parking spaces. Revisit those posts and the dozens of comments, and you'll see what I mean about anonymity versus use of a name and address.

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