Piecing Together Lost Truxton Circle or What the what am I looking at? Pt 3

In part 3 we look on the other side of the Dunbar High School fields in 1942, towards the bleachers.

In the above 1951 aerial of the neighborhood, find Dunbar and its field with what looks like tennis courts in the lower right hand corner of the campus. Now on the opposite side of the field see a long light colored or white stretch of something, those are the bleachers.

Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information photograph collection (Library of Congress)

In the background you can see Armstrong Technical High School and a little corner of old Dunbar High School.

Washington D.C. Military unit in Armstrong Technical High School being trained by an U.S. Army lieutenant. Library of Congress. C. 1942

In the above photograph, we see more of Armstrong on the 100-200 block of O Street NW.