1930 Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: William H. Coates- 112 Florida Ave NW

Back to the 1930 Census and looking for an African American TC home owner and the next person is William H. Coates of 112 FL Ave NW (0551 0178). The DC General Assessment for 1933-1934 confirms that William H. and Mamie Coates were owners of a 2,100 sq ft structure at that address.

I couldn’t find a lot of info about the Coates. It appears they married late in life. William, then, 58, married Mamie Thompson, aged 34, in September 1920.

Since Ancestry isn’t providing a lot of info, to the Recorder of Deeds we go. July 9, 1923 William H. and Mamie D. Coates came into possession of 112 Florida Avenue from Clarence M. Deveile. Deveile was very involved with the neighboring property at 114 Florida Avenue NW.

The next document, a May 1926 release, is quite revealing.  In 1920 the then widow Mamie Thompson, borrowed an unknown amount from Deveile. Looking a few documents back it appears, she used Deveile to do that weird deed thing where she placed her husband, William Coates, on the property in 1923.

In 1926 the Coates borrowed $3000 from the Perpetual Building Association. Again in 1933, they borrowed $2,800 from the Perpetual Building Association.  That year they pay off their 1926 debt.

It appears they sell the property to Carrie E. Walker (not Carrie G. Walker) on April 20, 1934. Deveile was a witness on this paperwork.

I did a newspaper search for 112 Florida Ave from 1923-1934 and came up with the following:

1924 Income Tax Paid by District ResidentsEvening star. [volume], September 10, 1925, Page 34. James H. Coates, 112 Florida avenue $2.10.

Situations–DomesticEvening star. [volume], February 12, 1924, Page 25. “WOMAN wants place with small family stay nights. 112 Florida ave. n.w.”