WSIC- 139 Bates St NW- Newspaper Search

I’m going to search the newspaper for 139 Bates St and see what pops up for this Washington Sanitary Improvement Co. house.

Classified Ad- Situations- DomesticEvening Star, April 17, 1923, Page 33; Evening Star, April 18, 1923, Page 33.  Light household duties, sewing, etc, white woman. 139 Bates st nw.

Boy, 16, Crushed to Death by Auto, Eleven InjuredThe Washington Herald, May 30, 1922, Page 2. The auto that was involved was driven by Augustus Rubino, of 139 Bates st nw.

Classified- Wanted to RentThe Washington Times, May 29, 1923, Page 19. Appears the resident of 139-A Bates was looking for a new place that was convenient to cars in DC or MD.

How Much Income Tax Your Neighbor Is Paying GovernmentThe Washington Times, September 04, 1925, Page 9. Gus Rubino, 139 Bates, $46.04.

Income Tax Returns Paid from District and Vicinity–  Evening Star, September 06, 1925, Page 20. Gus Rubino, 139 Bates street, $46.04.

Deaths ReportedEvening Star, October 27, 1927, Page 26. Annie E. Smith, 62, 139-A Bates st.

Hen in Detective’s Backyard is By-Product of Crime Merger- Abandoned by Thief Who Steals Automobiles to Aid in Chicken-Pilfering Business- Evening Star, June 20, 1930, Page B-1. Henry Blankenship of 139 Bates street had his automobile stolen from in front of his house.

$20,000 in Bonds Stolen from AutoEvening Star, October 09, 1937, Page A-2. Lulu Fowler of 139 Bates street, was walking on 3rd St, between N & O St NW when her purse was stolen by 3 boys.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star, February 05, 1944, Page B-11.  Robert Seomiller, 23, of 4811 North Capitol st and Emma Tubbs, 19, 139-A Bates st nw.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star, June 02, 1944, Page B-18. Elden Ernst, 23, 22 Hawaii Ave ne and Iva Tubbs, 20, 139-A Bates st nw.

Classified- Automobiles for Sale–  Evening Star, October 24, 1948, Page E-14. Oldsmobile 1934 4-door, radio, motor good shape. $400

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star, August 04, 1949, Page B-9. Nelson V. Tubbs, 22, 139 Bates st, nw to marry Beverly J. Trite, 18, of 137 Bates st nw.

Deaths ReportedEvening Star, March 21, 1953. Infant Terrell, 139 Bates st nw.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star, May 26, 1953, Page B-8. Charles Johnson, 21 and Minnie Ferguson, 19, of 139 Bates St nw.

Thos. J. Owen & Son, AuctioneersEvening Star, August 29, 1956, Page C-6.; Evening Star, March 03, 1958, Page B-8; Evening Star, August 27, 1959, Page C-4.; Trustee’s sale of 139 Bates St N.W. Sq 552 lot 34.