1930 Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Isaiah Green- 122 Florida Avenue NW

What I hoped for with the 1930 home owners is to see from start to finish, the purchase and then the later sale. The problem with the 1920 Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle series, was that the Recorder of Deed records don’t start up until 1921. The few 1930 owners became owners in that early 1920s period and we don’t see how they came to be owners.

According to the 1930 census Isaiah and Eva L. Green owned 122 Florida Ave NW (Square 551, lot 173). They purchased the property October 27, 1927 from John M. and Lillie Nickels. They purchased the property with a loan from J. Logan Hopkins for $4,250 and what appears to be a loan from the seller, John M. Nickels and parties Bridgette and Canton for $2,350.

October 24, 1930 the Greens took a $5000 loan from the American Security and Trust Company/ National Permanent Building Association. The same day there was another transaction that looked (if it isn’t simple I have no idea) looked like it was transferring a $788.21 debit to John M. Nickels to a pair of other investors. The next month they were released from their 1927 Hopkins debt. There was another release for a Nickels/Bridgette 1927 debt. Then they took out another Nickels/Brigette-Caton debt for $400.

Eva Carter Green died August 30, 1935. Isaiah married again in November 1936 to a Lena Clatterbuck Ashton Tisder. She was 48, he was 57.

In 1946, the Greens, this time Isaiah and Lena, took out a $3,500 loan from the American Security and Trust Company/ National Permanent Building Association. That same year, they paid off the 1930 American Security and Trust debt, as well as another 1930 debt.

Isaiah died April 30, 1948.

The last record for the Green family is a 1951 deed, where the executor of Lena T. Green’s estate, Ruth A. Jackson, sold the property. She died in 1949.

The Greens owned the property from 1927 to 1951, 24 years. It started with Eva and Isaiah Green and ended with the estate of Lena Green.

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