WSIC- Square 552- Even side of Q- A Visual pt 2

In the previous post about the even side of Q St NW,  the Washington Sanitary Improvement Company (WSIC) owned 130-230 Q St NW, in addition to other lots on Square 552. Part 1 looked at the 100 block of Q St NW. This will finish with the 200 block of Q St NW.

photo of property
200 Q St NW

There is sort of a pattern for the 200 block of Q St NW. There are 3 bays (200 has 1st and 2nd floor bays) for 200-204 Q St NW. Then 2 bay-less properties. However there is a new style of a shared porch entrance for bay-less 206-208 Q St NW. The bays return for two properties, at 210-212 Q St NW.  214-216 Q St NW are bayless with the shared porch. 218-220 Q St NW have the 2nd floor bays and 222-224 are bayless with a shared porch. But then what looks like what would be a bayed pair in the pattern, has both 2nd floor bay windows and a shared porch at 226-228 Q St NW.

photo of property
226-228 Q St NW

And 230 Q St NW bookends this row with a 2 story bay, just like 200 Q St NW.

photo of property
230 Q St NW

Since I did it for Part 1, below is from the 1917 DC City Directory showing two units per property. Keep in mind this is for the even side of Q St NW. 208 Q St NW, doesn’t appear to have an ‘A’ like the other houses from 200-230 Q St NW. But is does have two households.

From 1917 DC City Directory