WSIC- Square 552- Even side of Q- A Visual pt 1

We know that the Washington Sanitary Improvement Company (WSIC) did not own anything on Square 552 (Bounded by 3rd, P, 1st and Q St NW) in 1902. Sometime between 1903 and 1909 most of the block was purchased, developed, and Bates Street created. According to the 1933-1934 General Assessment WSIC owned lots 33-35, 49-94, 98-100, 104-150, 811, and 816-820.

Lots 33-35 would have been 137-141 Bates St NW; lots 49-94 were 1529-1551 3rd St NW, 138-230 Q St NW, 201-229 Bates St NW; lots 98-100 were 132-136 Q St NW; lots 104-150 were 131-135 Bates St NW, 207-231 P St NW, 1501-1523 3rd St NW, 200-230 Bates St NW, and 201-205 P St NW; lot 811 now lot 221 was 130 Q St NW; lots 816-818 being 119-123 Bates NW and lots 819-820 (originally part of lot 25) ?? Bates St NW.

Let’s start with 130-230 Q Street NW.

photo of property
130 Q St NW

The above image is of 130 Q St NW and we see the 2nd floor bays that are similar to the bays of the unit block of Bates St NW. However, these are skinnier than the original style where WSIC started. Another difference, a single entrance for appears to be a two flat property. Whereas with the Bates St WSIC properties, there was a separate entrance.

As we start to go down the row it appears that the single bay properties are also single entrance but maybe single residence homes. However, 142 Q St NW seems to beg to differ.

photo of property

A lot can happen in 100 years. Checking the census for 1910, there are two households for 132, 134, 136, and 138. Although I see two doors for 142 Q St NW, it had only one family in 1910.

Source: 1917 DC City Directory

Looking at the 1917 City Directory the houses from 132-142 have two households or two units.

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  1. 124 and 130 Q are four unit buildings today. We toured 124 when it was on the market in ’09/’10 and from my recollection it didn’t appear to have been converted from a two unit previously, so may have been 4 from the start. There’s another 4-unit similar to this on the 100 b/o bates as well.

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